Corrugated Roofing Panels

PC-PVC-Corrugated-Roofing-SheetCorrugated fiberglass roofing panels and plastic panels offer some distinct advantages for covering and protecting structures which including pole barns, outdoor storage areas and even metal or wood structures. Corrugation allows the panels to remain thin, yet strong, and resist the abuse from rain and hail better than other flat or layered materials.

Fiberglass has been steadily replacing metal corrugated roofing materials over time, due to the facts that they allow some light through and do not rust, bend or dent like metal panels. Corrugated fiberglass roofing panels are also much cheaper then metal panels, typically costing anywhere from thirty dollars a panel up to as much as fifty dollars per panel, dependent upon thickness and size. These types of roofs can assist with both lighting and heating concerns, transferring both into the structure, whereas metal panels block light and absorb heat. Metal panels also weigh much more and require a more robust frame to support that weight, preventing its use in many situations.

Advantages of Corrugated Roofing Panels

Corrugated plastic roofing panels offer the same advantages as fiberglass, but have become a preferred material in lieu of it, due to cost, ease of installation and manufacturing, as well as the fact that there is no fiberglass in the material. Cutting and installing fiberglass produces dust that is harmful if inhaled and plastics remove that element. Corrugated plastic roofing panels are commonly available for about ten dollars less per panel than comparable fiberglass panels and are much easier to work with than the rigid fiberglass styles.

Which type of panel works best is dictated by the conditions of a given location and its use, as corrugated roofing is only used on well-ventilated structures. Both types have a range of colors from which to choose, making them ideal for use on everything from livestock shelters to patios and carport covers.

Texas Star Roofing installs corrugated roofing panels on patios, barns or out-buildings. Our exposed fasteners have rubber grommets to insure a leak free installation for a much longer time than standard hex head fasteners.

If your corrugated roofing panels are worn, flapping in the breeze or rusted through, click here to make sure we service your area and then complete the form on your right to request a free inspection of your roof.


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