Dallas Commercial Roofing

commercial-roofingDallas commercial roofing companies and the many roofing systems in use here face some unique and difficult challenges from the temperature and weather extremes that are all too common to the city and its suburbs. From hail and high winds to storms and extended heat and sun exposure, commercial roofs need to be constructed of materials that are designed to combat these elements and last for many years, while meeting various building standards and codes at the same time.

Commercial roofing requires qualifications and experience that not all of the various Dallas commercial roofing companies possess. Texas Star Roofing has certified crews that are experts at installing and repairing all types of commercial roofing. Business and industrial owners have a host of materials and options from which to choose, ranging from materials that let light in to reduce energy costs to those that are engineered to repel sunlight and insulate the structure beneath. However, all need expert installation and proven repair techniques to operate safely and as intended, highlighting the needs for a reliable and proven Dallas commercial roofing company to perform installations and repairs.

Steel and other types of metal roofing materials, along with membrane and self-adhering systems, are among the most popular types of commercial roofing around. However, older types of metal and membrane roofing do not have the same qualities as modern materials, which have longer life spans and require fewer repairs. Over the years we’ve installed single-ply membranes, such as TPO and EPDM, as well as modified bitumen self adhered systems.

These Dallas commercial roofing systems can be for re-roofing your building or new construction installations.Today, more modern materials are often used in Dallas commercial roofing that are engineered to withstand impacts from debris, branches and hail, while remaining visually pleasing and reflecting sunlight simultaneously. These factors reduce energy costs, some of the largest costs associated with any commercial structure, immediately and dramatically.

In the case of modern steel roofing, reductions up to and over thirty percent are common in southern states, with Texas having some of the highest percentages. Corrugated plastics and fiberglass roofing materials also provide a wide range of solutions which are perfect for structures that are not climate-controlled, as they allow light in to help alleviate energy consumption costs, while providing a sturdy and reliable roofing alternative.

Choosing a Dallas Commercial Roofing Company

One of the key factors to maintaining a properly functioning roof system is regular inspections by trained personnel from Texas Star Roofing. Identifying problems early on prevents major repairs and catastrophic failures in the future, making regular and accurate inspections a critical preventative maintenance step. Request a free, no obligation inspection by one of our certified staff and learn what condition your roof is really in and, if needed, what repair or replacement options are available. Just check our service area then complete the form to your left.

Texas Star Roofing provides Dallas commercial roofing services including repair and maintenance, re-roofing, and new construction.  Our repair technicians are skilled in finding the most difficult leaks. As you probably know, low sloped or “flat” roofs are often the most challenging leaks to find. This is due to the fact that once the water penetrates the surface layer, it travels sometimes a great distance before it actually enters the building.

Remember, Texas Star Roofing uses only certified crews, and no matter which system is best for your particular needs, we’ll do an exceptional job for you.