Take a cruise through Addison, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re in a fast-paced, thriving Dallas-area town. With an urban feel, every city amenity you could ever want, and easy access to downtown Dallas and DFW Airport, it’s no surprise that so many Dallas residents are looking to call Addison home.

If you own a home in Addison, you’ve made an excellent investment. Housing prices are on the rise, and will continue to trend upward. However, you must protect your investment to reap the benefits.

Texas Star Roofing has helped Addison residents take care of their homes for over 20 years. Learn more about our roofing services below, and get a free estimate today.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Addison and the greater Dallas area are no strangers to extreme weather. Rain, snow, wind, heat, humidity, and hail can all contribute to roof aging and damage, and that can increase the risk of water leaks, flooding, mold intrusion, insulation damage, property damage, and even structural damage in certain circumstances. It’s crucial to repair small roof problems before they become big ones, and that’s where Texas Star Roofing can help. Our roof repair experts perform a thorough inspection of your roof, make comprehensive repairs, and give you advice on whether to repair or replace your roof in the future.


Roof Replacement

A roof replacement isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly worth the cost. A new roof can improve your curb appeal, boost your resale value, decrease your monthly energy bills by up to 40 percent, and reduce the risk of water leaks and home damage. At Texas Star Roofing, we use the best roofing materials in the industry and employ talented and manufacturer-trained professionals to get the job done right and give you peace of mind.


Commercial Roofing

There are plenty of businesses in Addison looking to make their mark in Dallas — but they won’t do that if they’re constantly dealing with roofing problems. Texas Star Roofing is a trusted business partner for Addison businesses — we offer repairs, replacements, and routine maintenance so you can get back to business.


Our Warranty

Buying and owning a home in Addison is a great investment. So if something goes wrong, who are you going to trust with that investment? Is it the fly-by-night roofer who gives you a quick and cheap roof? Or is it the hometown roof who gives you a top-quality roof at a slightly more expensive price? Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

Texas Star Roofing offers a one-year labor repair warranty on roof repairs and a two-year warranty on roof replacements. Plus, we’ll be here to honor those warranties. We’ve been in the area for over 20 years, and we’re not leaving anytime soon.

Choose The Top Roofing Contractor in Addison

Texas Star Roofing has served Addison and the greater Dallas area for over two decades. We’ve created a strong relationship with the community, and we’re a proven leader in roof repair, roof replacement, inspections, insurance claims, and more. Get a free estimate from Texas Star Roofing today.