If you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner in Allen, Texas there is no doubt you have many roofing business pages to sort through! So, how do you choose a roof repair professional that you can trust to not only to perform high-quality work but charge a fair price?

Unfortunately, in the Allen roofing industry, it’s common for roofing companies to pop-up overnight as the roofing jobs are often in high-demand from the extreme weather patterns we see. Here are a couple guidelines to follow when you’re searching for a roof repair:

Inquire about how long they’ve been in business – new companies often don’t have experience under their belts for more involved roofing work such as a slate or tile roof. While they may be suited for a tradition roof, anything else could lead to poor-quality work. Roofing businesses also will tend to close under one name and open a new name if there has been too many complaints filed or bad reviews.


Where is their office? – If you’re dealing with a roofing company whose office runs on four wheels — leave! You’ll always want to deal with a brick-and-mortar business, so you can go in and talk with them, if you need to. Someone who is operating on wheels may roll in and then roll out once the job is done, so if there are any issues, you’ll be left with no one to talk to!

Do they have adequate insurance? – If you inquire about insurance, a roofing company should be able to provide you with a document stating the coverage they have. This is important because, should anything happen, if the company doesn’t have the insurance coverage, this could leave you high and dry to pay for the damages or unfinished work.

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