Why Get Regular Roof Inspections in Texas?

You have many things to consider when you’re in charge of your home— like regular roof inspections. Preventive maintenance ensures your home is protected from the elements year-round.

In a year, the roof sees numerous storms and plenty of days and nights of harsh weather. Certainly, you can do some visual inspection on your own, but there is nothing that quite replaces an inspection from a professional.

The National Association of Home Builders suggests that a homeowner’s roof should get a professional inspection every three years. So a once-in-a-year informal inspection by homeowners is a good thing, but if there are any signs of issues, and every several years, it really should be done by a licensed professional.

Things to note when performing your own regular roof inspections:

  • Torn or curling shingles
  • Sagging of the shingles or the roof itself
  • Loose or just plain missing flashing
  • Stains that may be a sign of water damage
  • Holes in the actual roof, shingles or flashing

If you ever see any of the above signs, getting a professional can mean diagnosing a problem that will inevitably get worse over time.

Lastly, keep in mind any harsh weather that your house has weathered through in the past couple of seasons. Diligent and regular roof inspections, by both yourself and professionals, can save you a lot of money and can keep your entire home a solid investment over time.

Image courtesy of: By Sam Beebe

Make Regular Roof Inspections Part of Your Overall Home Inspection

When you’re buying a new home, it’s important that a complete roof inspection be a part of the overall inspection process. Some homebuyers and even realtors feel that if the roof has been replaced in the last ten or so years, or if there are still a few years left on the warranty, then it’s not as important as other areas of home inspection.

This lack of foresight can be a critical mistake. There may be unseen damage to the roof that hasn’t manifested itself into a leak yet. There could be several disasters waiting to happen, and just a few house modifications are as expensive as a complete roof replacement.

Roof leaks can be difficult to detect if there are no visible sources of water collecting anywhere in the home. Home inspectors generally do not go on the roof of a home to do their home inspection. Instead, they do a visual inspection, usually from ground level to determine if there are missing or broken tiles or other obvious damage caused by severe weather.

Some home inspectors will walk the roof during in-depth regular roof inspections. With the exception of roofs made with clay or terra cotta tiles, which can break easily when walked upon, that is the best way to assess the condition of the roof. A loose tile may escape detection from a distance of even a foot or two.

Obtaining the services of a licensed roofing contractor like Texas Star is a smart idea and can help avoid the types of problems that can arise once the damage from leaking becomes apparent. Inspectors will also be able to inspect chimneys and the areas surrounding them to determine if any repair to the brickwork is required. We’ll also check the lining and framing of the eaves to make sure the wood has not rotted due to moisture or insect infestation. And we can even check to see if animals have chewed through any part of the roof (with the intention of returning to nest).

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