Updating Your Roof & Home in Texas

There are many ways to update the look of your home. You can change the color with paint or siding. You could replace the windows.

And what about landscaping? That’s always a great way to change the look of your home. Even changing the material used for your driveway can have an impact on the look of your home.

But one sure way to seriously boost both the appearance and value of your home is through a roof update.

The Massive Curb Appeal of Updating Your Roof

Your roof is one area of your home that is noticed as soon as you drive up.  …What does yours look like? 

Are you missing shingles?  Is there moss growing up there?  Just correcting these problems can improve the appearance of your home and stop damage to your home as well.  Many roofing companies, like Texas Star Roofing, will come out and do these repairs so you know it’s been fixed correctly.

Going for Bigger Changes

Consider changing the color of your roof or opt for a different material.  Going from a gray shingle to a black one can add immediate visual impact to your home’s appearance.  Going from asphalt shingle to a metal roof will also add impact as well as increased protection for your home.

Maybe your roof is in good shape, but you want a change that will also benefit the living conditions inside your home.  Adding a skylight is one option to consider.  Skylights add a unique look to your home.  A skylight also adds light into your home and can turn a former dark living space into one that is lighter and more welcoming.

A roof remodel can include additional changes like gutter installation and attic ventilation.  Replacing those old, leaky gutters will definitely improve the look of your home, as well as keep water from entering.  Attic ventilation might not add a huge impact to the look of your home, but there will be a noticeable difference in comfort (and bills). In the summer, the hot air will rise and be ventilated from the house, leaving you relaxing in cool comfort. It’s an update worth considering.

For Roof Renovation, Hire Texas Star Professionals

Whatever you are considering, always consult a roofing expert, like those at Texas Star.  Don’t jeopardize the value and protection of your home by using just anyone for these updates.

If you’re in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, let Texas Star Roofing assist you in choosing the best options for your home. Our experts specialize in perfectly designing & updating your roof for you, unique in taste & style.