How to Find a Roofer After a Hail Storm in Dallas TX

Have the recent hail storms left damage to your roof? Are you feeling overwhelmed in this process of repairing your home?

We get it.

Finding the right roofer after a major storm in Texas can feel daunting, especially with all the scams that exist out there today. With our guide, however, you’ll have that roof fixed in no time at the right price.

Know the Signs of a Scam

If you need to find a roofer after a major hail storm, then you need to first be aware of the common scams that exist. Roof replacements can be rather costly, and you definitely don’t want to be ripped off during the process.

The 3 major scams out there right now are:

  • The contractor who wants to be paid before work begins
  • A contractor going door-to-door after a storm
  • The contractor who offers a too-good-to-be-true low bid

Texas is one of the states who does not require a roofing license, so make sure you do everything you can to prevent any scamming.

Checking the reputation, online reviews, and confirmation of license and bonding will go a long way. Not to mention, paying by credit card can also protect you in case something goes wrong.

How to Choose the Right Contractor

Now, selecting a roofing contractor is a major decision. That person requires your trust to do the job right and you have to be able to rely on them for this major purchase.

When picking out your roofing contractor, you can ensure a quality job by:

  • Going local
  • Checking Better Business Bureau
  • Asking for references
  • Requesting copies of licensure
  • Requesting a copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Seeing how long the company has been in business
  • Asking about the crew
  • Asking about the Job Supervisor
  • Reading the fine print
  • Determining how long it will take to fix the roof first

By using this information, you should be able to negotiate the best deal and ensure you get the highest-quality work for your money.

Communication Is Key

Ensuring you have the right roofer doesn’t just stop at the selection process, however.

You want to hire the most competent contractor in your area, but you also have to hold up your end of the bargain. This requires clear communication for a successful roofing project.

Make sure that you explain yourself thoroughly, to prevent any form of miscommunication. Consider showing a video or photos to explain exactly what you want to be done to your roof to express yourself.

Give clear guidelines and always follow up. No one will care more about your home and roof as much as you, so ensure you get the job that you want.

Find a Roofer Today

If you are looking to find a roofer, then contact Texas Star Roofing today.

We are a certified roofing team that has provided superior roofing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Northern Texas areas since 1997. We keep your best interests in mind to give you the quality workmanship that you require.

If you would like a free roofing inspection, then contact us and we’ll be in touch to set it up. We look forward to working with you and to repair the major damage that hail storms can bring to Texas.