The 5 Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles

As you’re remodeling or building yourself a new home, you’ll want to take your roofing materials into consideration.

Impact-resistant shingles are a popular choice as they can stand up to turbulent weather conditions while offering you stylistic freedom.

These shingles can help keep your home and family safe from harm, and even prevent the spread of fire.

Interested in the top 5 benefits to convince you to make the switch? Read on and find out!

Top 5 Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles


Impact-resistant shingles are perfect just from the number of options offered. Building a new home or remodeling your roof means that you have quite a few choices to make. Naturally, you’d want to pick something that enhances the look of your home.

Building a new home or remodeling your roof means that you have quite a few choices to make. Naturally, you’d want to pick something that enhances the look of your home.

Impact-resistant shingles can give you the options you need to keep your home looking its best while still providing you the protection that your roof needs.


Impact-resistant singles can be used to add a unique spark to your roof like none other. It’s understandable that cosmetics are a big factor in the type of material you pick for your roof.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s unique look to keep your home safe from damage.

The variety of shingles, including their color palette and flexibility, allows you to get the exact look you’re seeking without compromising any quality.


They wouldn’t be called impact-resistant if they weren’t strong, would they?

Their ability to withstand various impacts is demonstrated in their rating. Class 4 is the highest shingles can receive, and sometimes they’re even made with a coating to help them meet and surpass that requirement.

Additionally, these shingles can absolutely withstand high winds, which is a plus for locations dealing with heavy storms. You won’t need to replace them year after year as they’ll be able to power through all weather conditions.

These shingles can withstand up to Class H (150 miles per hour) wind ratings.

These shingles can also help prevent the spread of fire, depending on their coating. They can stop flames from penetrating them, which limits the spread of the fire.

Easy to install

While you may still want to invest in a professional installer, shingles such as these are very easy to install. However, you will want it done properly to ensure your roof remains safe and free from damage.

There seems to be a do-it-yourself tutorial for everything nowadays, but you’ll want to stick with a contractor. This makes sure your shingles will be installed professionally and efficiently.


Even though there may be a higher initial investment than anticipated, these strong shingles are ultimately very cost-effective.

These shingles will last for decades. Break your investment down into cost per year, and you’ll see just how quickly they manage to pay themselves off. While it may seem like a high cost at first, their ability to endure all conditions will make them worth it.


Before purchasing anything related to your roof, whether new materials or investing in services, make sure you thoroughly research the companies involved to stay clear of any scams.

Once you’re in the clear, legitimate impact-resistant shingles are a solid investment that can keep your home safe while still looking stylish.

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