House with flat roofing

The Pros of Flat Roofs

You see flat roofs wherever you go, especially on commercial buildings. Let’s face it, flat roofs are easy to build. It’s basically a board placed over the frame of the building, right? While flat roofs may have been as simple as a simple board over a frame, nowadays, much more goes into flat roofing.

Texas Star Roofing is Plano, Texas’ best residential and commercial roofer. We specialize in roofs, meaning no matter what type of roof you are interested in installing, from metal roofs and concrete tile to composite roofing and flat roofing, Texas Star Roofing offers the best roofing materials in Plano. We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality roof. When you partner with us for your new roof or roof repair, you can guarantee we’ll get the job done right. If not, we’ll come and fix it for free! Below, we’ll discuss the pros of flat roofs. Contact us today to learn more!

What Is a Flat Roof?

A flat roof is not technically 100% flat. It usually has a slight slope, but for all intents and purposes, a flat roof is exactly that. Popular in warm regions of the world because of less rainfall that can be a problem for flat roofs with water runoff, flat roofs definitely stand out when you see them.

The Benefits of Flat Roofs

  • Affordable. Due to the nature of flat roofs, they automatically use the least amount of square footage. A sloped roof can use up to twice as much roofing material, depending on the elaborateness of the design and how many pitches there are to cover. With flat roofing, no matter the material, you’ll use the least amount of roofing materials, which yields a low cost to you. In addition, it’s quicker to install is that it uses little roofing material. The upkeep is less. Roofing maintenance is less. Overall, everything is less.
  • Fewer lifetime repairs. A flat roof has little parts to repair. After all, it’s basically a large sheet of roofing material and some gutters. With flat roofs, there are no fascia, soffits, or rakes (common parts of the roof to give it aesthetic appeal and protect corners) unless desired for ornamental use. Thus, where’s there’s not much to break, there’s not much to fix. Texas Star Roofing serves the Dallas/Plano area with residential roof repairs and commercial roof repairs. Call us today for your free roofing inspection!
  • More uses than sloped roofs. Since historical times, a flat roof has been used for other purposes than just a roof over one’s head. The ancient Egyptians pioneered the flat roof as additional living space, living and sleeping on their roofs for the cooler temperatures at night. People in ancient times and even today use their flat roofs to hang out laundry to dry. Air conditioning units can be installed on flat roofs, saving ground space, which might not even exist in big cities. Solar panels are easily installed on flat roofs and being that the roof is flat, these solar panels are exposed to more hours of the sunlight since they are not tilted, resulting in more energy produced for the home or business. You can turn your flat roof into a green roof, which is where the grass is installed in order to help absorb water and help with the heat island effect in big cities. Or, install a vegetable garden on the rooftop, and set up a lounge chair where you can go and read a good book after a long day at work. Invite friends over and barbecue, or stargaze at night. The sky is the limit for additional uses for flat roofs.
  • Maximizes interior space. A sloped roof, while creating beautiful vaulted ceilings, sacrifices much usable space. With flat roofs, you gain all of that space back, which can make for full attics to use as additional living quarters (think mother-in-law here). Flat roofs also make top floor apartments possible, which is why many commercial roofs are flat roofs.
  • Safer. When we talk about safety in roofing, we don’t mean the likelihood that your ceiling and/or roof will cave in. Hopefully, if you’ve chosen the right local roofer, such as Texas Star Roofing in the Dallas area, your roof was installed correctly, and you’ll have no problems whatsoever with your roofing system. Instead, safety in roofing has to do with roofing installation and roofing maintenance. With a sloped roof, it is more dangerous for you and your local roofers to climb up and inspect your roof. Professional roofers have to negotiate angles, balance, and manipulate oftentimes large objects at an angle, and the greater the angle, the greater the risk. With a flat roof, the real danger only lies in the climb up. Once on top, you can walk around like you would on solid ground (and more stable ground) with no problems. Flat roofing has the highest safety rating of all roofing systems.
  • Architecturally appealing. Many people like the look of flat roofs. After all, you have a horizontal line that cuts across the horizon, making for a very sleek look. Furthermore, if you live in a very scenic area, flat roofs are less likely to protrude into pictures, so you can enjoy the view better.
  • Quicker installation. With half the roofing materials of a traditional roofing job, you’ll wait for less for a new roof or for a new construction build. This can be very important as oftentimes homeowners are left temporarily homeless when they sell their home faster than when their new home can be built. This benefit of a flat roof is also great for impatient people. Texas Star Roofing in Plano works diligently to install or repair your residential or commercial roof quickly and timely, eliminating any undue hardships as quickly as possible.
  • Re-roofing is easier. When it’s time for a residential roof replacement or a commercial roof replacement, most homeowners would rather hide their heads like the Roadrunner does in a Warner Bros. cartoon rather than face the hassle of a roof replacement. Flat roofs make roof replacement easy and quick, eliminating the multiple days or ripping off an old roofing and nailing down new roofing. Texas Star Roofing in Plano makes it a point to get in and out of your hair as quickly as possible when installing a new roof or making a major roof repair. With over 20 years of handling the Dallas area’s roofs, we know a thing or two about doing a roof replacement right.

Why Choose Texas Star Roofing in Dallas

Texas Star Roofing is passionate about roofs of all types, from asphalt roofing to flat roofs. A roof’s main job is to offer shelter, but nowadays, with so many roofing options for homeowners and business owners, you can choose a roofing material and a roofing style that suits you. When you partner with Texas Star Roofing in Dallas, we’ll help you decide what type of roof will suit you and will fit your needs. We are experts at asking questions to help you narrow down your choice.

One of the most important things Texas Star Roofing does for its customers is to offer free roofing estimates. After all, you want to be assured that you won’t be charged for someone to just come and walk around on your roof for five minutes. When you call us, we’ll thoroughly inspect your roof and offer up our recommendations with no sales pressure. We give the facts only. We’d love to work with you, but we understand there are other local roofers around. You also gain peace of mind, especially if you suspect that your roof has a leak or there may be critters lurking in the dark.

Texas Star Roofing is the best local roofer in the Dallas area. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate!