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Which Roofing Materials Go Best With Roof Pitch

Texas Star Roofing in Plano is your go-to local roofer, specializing in residential and commercial roof repair, roof replacement, and roof maintenance. We hire only the best roofing contractors to install your roof, and we take pride in our work. In our ongoing blog series on roof pitch, today we’ll examine which roofing materials go best with different roof pitches. This is important as some roofing materials are more suited than others. Contact us today for your free roof inspection or roof estimate!

Low-pitch roofs

Pitch on roofs is the angle or slope of a roof. Low-pitch means a gentle slope on a roof. Flat roofs are the smallest angle of low-pitch roofs. Low pitch roofs are great in desert regions where there is little rainfall. However, flat roofs themselves are not recommended for locations that regularly suffer severe weather or areas where snow accumulates. Flat roofs are making a comeback as they have become quite popular in modern contemporary architectural design.

The benefits of low-pitch roofs are that they are easy to install and maintain and are safer. However, flat roofs are harder to maintain as they suffer more leaks and damage and need to be inspected at least once a year. Heavy roofing materials should not be installed on flat roofs, including any type of heavy metal roofing. In fact, flat roofs or nearly flat roofs cannot use any type of shakes or shingles of any material as these will just blow off. Thus, low-pitch and flat roofs are extremely limited in the type of roofing material allowed. Acceptable roofing materials for flat roofs include tar and gravel, modified bitumen, EDPM rubber, and roll roofing, which uses standing seam metal.

Medium-pitch roofs

Most homes, businesses, and offices have medium-pitched roofs installed. Medium-pitched roofs can handle virtually any roofing material, from metal and slate to shingles and clay-tiled roofs. They disperse snow and rainfall adequately and are fairly easy to inspect and repair. Traditional and popular asphalt shingles dominate this slope of the roof. Wood and slate roofs also do well on medium-pitched roofs but don’t do well on the lower end of the slope spectrum as they are more susceptible to leaking than other roofing types because they do not lock together as tightly as other types of shingle roofing materials.

High-pitch roofs

While architecturally stunning (think Victorian-era angled homes), high-pitch roofs are difficult to install, difficult to maintain, and difficult to inspect. Thus, they are more expensive all around. Tiles on very steep roofs tend to rattle around and are not recommended. Asphalt roofing materials are the most commonly found on steep-sloped roofs. Fiberglass or organic materials are now commonly found within composite asphalts. You can use wood shakes and shingles on high-pitch roofs as well.


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