5 Types of Roof Damage You’ll Face in Plano

Did your home just sustain storm damage? Are you trying to discover if your roof is damaged from wear and tear over the years? You’re not alone. Millions of homeowners across the nation are concerned that their roofs are damaged, but they have no way of checking to confirm their fears. And if their roofs are damaged, they need to get it repaired as soon as possible. If they want to avoid thousands of home repair costs, they must get their roof inspected and repaired.

In an effort to help, Texas Star Roofing is here to share the most common types of roof damage seen across Plano. While there are dozens of more types of roof damage, these five are what homeowners in North Texas will encounter more often than not.

5 Types of Roof Damage to Look For

As a homeowner, you may want to look out for certain types of roof damage so that you can get ahead of any increasing repair costs. But, it’s dangerous to get on your roof. So how do you know if your roof is damaged? The first best step is to call your local roofer in Plano to come out and inspect your roof. They’ll let you know if and how your roof is damaged. Here are the 5 types of roofing damages they may find:

#1. Collected Debris

It gets windy in Texas. Some say it’s the windiest state in the country. When the winds get going, they can be as mild as 5 mph or as strong as 200-plus mph. What’s more, tornadoes roll through the area on occasion and can wreak havoc on literally everything. No matter the cause of the wind, it can still blow debris onto and across your roof. This process can cause minor to major damage.

If you see branches or other debris on your roof, you should have it cleaned off and get a roof inspection.

#2. Trapped Water

Water travels downhill. If there is space for water to slip beneath your roof, it will do just that. Just because your roof doesn’t look damaged, water may find it’s way below your roof, into your attic, and into your home. In some cases, roof damage isn’t visible, but it can cause more damage to your home than any other type of damage.

If you notice water spots or moisture in your attic, ceiling, or walls, you may have a damaged roof you need to repair.

#3. Hail Damage

A few times a year Texas gets a massive hail storm. It rolls in from the north and blasts the area with a golf ball or bigger sized hail. This can demolish your roof, causing damage that will cost you a ton. The best-case scenario is that you get a roofer out to repair your hail damage as soon as possible. But if you’re trying to determine if a roof inspection is needed, look at the granules on the roof shingles. How much of each shingle is covered in granules? The more granules, the healthier your asphalt shingle roof is.

If you notice shingles with little to no granules, you’ve discovered the starting signs of roof damage.

#4. Fire Damage

It can get hot in Texas. And when flames light, they can destroy a home quickly. A home that’s caught fire but not burned down may need roofing repairs. Look for shingles that are deformed, melted, cracked, or missing granules. Anything that makes the shingle not look like the rest of them means it needs to be inspected.

If your home has caught fire but not burned down, you may be able to save portions of your roof.

#5. Age

One of the most common causes of roof damage is age. The longer a roof exists on a home, the higher the chance it needs to be repaired. Sun, wind, hail, and more all play a role in aging a roof. A roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. An aged roof can still protect your home, but it’s at a higher risk for damage.

Learn More About Roof Repairs

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