How to Keep Your Neighbors Happy During Remodeling

4 Ways to Keep Your Neighbors Happy During Renovation

Loud noises? Check. Dirt and debris? Check. Nowhere to park? Check. These are all side effects of a construction project that can drive your neighbors crazy. While your home is being improved, you can use this time to improve your relationship with your neighbors and keep them happy in the process, too. Here are some ways you can keep the peace during the renovation:

1. Let your neighbors know beforehand.

This is the first way you can make sure your neighbors have a positive experience while you renovate your home. Telling them in advance either in person, over the phone, or by letter, if you can’t reach them, makes them feel considered and allows them to prepare for any disruptions that may arise. Happy neighbors living next door makes life easier!

2. Talk about property value.

Though renovating takes money, home improvements can actually add to the resale value of your home, and certain jobs can also raise the property value of a neighboring home. Whether they’re considering moving or not, your neighbor may be pleased to know their property could potentially increase in value.

3. Start renovations later in the day.

Everyone enjoys peace and quiet when they first wake up — especially families with young children. The residents on your block will wake up on the right side of the bed each morning during your renovation if you are able to push loud construction to the late morning or even in the afternoon. Just speak to your contractor to work out a schedule.

4. Keep your construction area confined to your property.

Consult with your roofing company or contractor to make sure that your neighbor’s property remains unaffected by any renovations done to your home — unless it is out of your ability to do so. Before any work begins, make sure to read your homeowners association (HOA) regulations regarding construction and refrain from blocking parking or roads.

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Utilizing these tips when planning your next home renovation will help the process go much smoother for both you and your neighbors. If you’re ready to start work on your home’s exterior, contact our professionals at Texas Star Roofing, Inc. today! (972) 200-9426