The Truth About Trees

Do Trees Help or Harm Your Roof?

Trees look great in your yard, are good for the environment, and have numerous other positive attributes working in their favor. But having trees on your property may not be great for your roof. Fallen branches, moss, and traveling pests can all come from your trees to damage your roof, but at the same time, your trees provide essential shade and shelter from harmful solar rays.

See what our roofing experts have to say about planting trees near your roof. We’ll help you find the best way to enjoy the benefits trees can provide while avoiding the negative side effects.

Blocking Harmful Heat Damage

Heat and sunlight can do a lot of damage to your roof over time. When exposed directly to the sun’s rays, asphalt shingles can lose their protective layers, metal roofing can become overheated, and tile roofing can crack. Planting a barrier of trees along the edges of your property can create a protective barrier that shields your roof from sun damage.

The Potential for Serious Damages

However, planting trees too close to your roof can come with risks that outweigh the potential benefits. Leaves, needles, and even branches can accumulate in piles on your roof, creating a great home for mold, moss, pests, and other threats. Some of those fallen branches can even be large and heavy enough to damage your roof.

Perhaps the biggest tree-related risk to your roof is the chance that your trees will fall over onto your roof. Wind, lightning, age, and other inciting factors can cause a tree to lose it’s structural stability and fall over, and if it falls onto your roof, it could cause catastrophic damage to your roof and home.

Make Sure Your Trees Bring Only Good Things

Luckily, with a bit of effort, you can ensure that your trees will only benefit your roof. Basic care and maintenance can ensure that your roof stays clean, safe, and shielded from the sun. Plus, you and your family will be able to enjoy all the other benefits that trees have to offer.

Use These Simple Maintenance Tricks:

  • Make sure trees are planted a safe distance from your roof
  • Keep branches and overhang trimmed to prevent fallen debris
  • Regularly remove fallen leaves
  • Have any unstable or dying trees safely removed to make sure they don’t fall onto your roof
  • Check that pests aren’t using trees to climb onto your roof

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