1. Reroof or new roof in Dallas

    Roof Repair Steps – How To Fix Damaged Texas Roofs

    Homeowner Roofing Step by Step Fix Blue Roofing (Katrina study) Homeowner Repair Safety Tips Homeowner Roof Repair Mistakes Hail Damage Home Roofing Repair Texas Homeowner Insect Damage Steps ...And Animals In Your Home's Attic Texas Star's Basic Roofing Steps There is nothing worse than sitting in …Read More

  2. asphalt-roofing-shingles

    When It’s Time To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

      Are there roof granules in your gutter? Is your roof’s color uneven? Have you noticed water stains in your attic? If so, your roof probably needs to be replaced... Hot Texas summers, hail storms and harsh winters aggravate roof problems, and can shorten the life of your roof. The damage is easi…Read More

  3. New home construction

    Green Roofs Lower Bills: Enjoy Cool Energy Savings

    Spending a little more money to get the right roof now can help you to save big when it comes to your energy bills over the long run. For example, green roofs are energy efficient and can help to protect the environment, and your home from the elements, while keeping your house cool during the summe…Read More

  4. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - water damage

    Dallas Roof Leak Repair: Causes & Solutions

    An Overview of Leaking Roofs Spotting A Problematic Roof Leaky Roof Damaging Factors Learn More About Ice Damming Isolated Roof Leaking Problems & Solutions Chimney Leaks Are Common As Well Do you know how to tell if your roof is leaking? How do you know if you have a leak in your roof? What sho…Read More

  5. Metal Roof Benefits & Myths Explained by Texas Star Roofers

      When it comes to roofing materials, there are plenty of options, with metal roofing growing in popularity. Although the benefits of metal supersede the advantages of other types of roofing materials, myths exist about effectiveness and efficiency, causing homeowners and property owners to que…Read More

  6. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - Composition Shingles

    Choosing the Right Roof Material for Your Texas Home

    More Roof Considerations Roofing for Texas Weather Roof Warranty Information Most homeowners at one time or another will have to replace the roof on their home. When they do, they may feel overwhelmed by all of the choices that they have. They will hear about 20 year roofs, 30 year roofs and lifetim…Read More

  7. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - tree damage

    Cleaning Your Roof: A Texas Homeowner’s Guide 2015

      Cleaning your roof can not only give a fresh look and feel to the home, but it can also increase the curb appeal. When trying to sell a home or when buying a new one, you would always look at the roof to see if it’s in great shape or if it will need some repairing. Roofs that have been take…Read More

  8. Updating Your Roof & Home in Texas

      There are many ways to update the look of your home. You can change the color with paint or siding. You could replace windows. And what about landscaping? That’s always a great way to change the look of your home. Even changing the material used for your driveway can have an impact on t…Read More

  9. Benefits of Impact Resistant Shingles in Texas

      From 1991 to 1995, hail and wind damage caused an average of $8 billion worth of damage per year to homes, factories and office buildings. ...A large portion of that damage occurs to roofs, and is the result of not using impact resistant shingles. Hail can damage asphalt shingles by causing s…Read More

  10. Why Get Regular Roof Inspections in Texas?

    You have many things to consider when you're in charge of your home— like regular roof inspections. Preventive maintenance ensures your home is protected from the elements year-round. In a year, the roof sees numerous storms and plenty of days and nights of harsh weather. Certainly you can do some…Read More