1. Texas Star’s Flat & Low Slope Roofs

    In building terms, there are generally two types of roofs: steep slope and low slope roofs. Most houses in the U.S. have steep slope roofs, although the degree or steepness of the slope can vary. Generally speaking, the steeper the incline of a roof, the less maintenance will be required, as rain wa…Read More

  2. tile roofing

    Are Tile Roof Systems Right for My Texas Home?

      There are so many different factors that can go into making the decision on what type of roof is going to work best for your home. With all of the different options out there, you are sure to find something that you like aesthetically, as well as financially. Here's research to make sure that…Read More

  3. Different Types of Roofing Materials by Texas Star

    When considering which type of roofing materials to use on your home, price is always a primary consideration, but there are other factors to think about as well. Durability, maintenance, and appearance should also be considered. Here are a few choices for your home: Asphalt — Asphalt is inexpensi…Read More

  4. Ten Most Common Leak Locations

    Ten Most Common Leak Locations - A leaking roof can be a homeowner's headache and cause water damage to ceilings and walls if the leak is not located and repaired quickly. Finding the source of a roof leak may be simple, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine where it originates because of w…Read More

  5. Spring & Fall Roof Checklist for Texas Residents

      You probably haven’t set aside time for this year’s “Check Your Roof Day,” but it’s a good idea to inspect your roof for problems every spring and fall, which is why we've provided this handy Texas homeowner roof checklist. If you know more about your roof’s condition, you’ll be…Read More

  6. The History of Roofing Nails by Texas Star Experts

    Over time, roofing nails have changed to accommodate the difficult task roofers face. Roofers use special nails called roofing nails when they attach roofing felt and shingles to a roof. The difference between types of roofing nails and other nails is the head. Roofing nails have a much larger and f…Read More

  7. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - Roof Replacement

    Maintaining Your Roof: Nine Tips by Texas Star Roofing

    Getting a new roof is a rather large investment, and you want to make sure that it remains effective for as long as possible. Some people may think that it is unnecessary to spend money on roof maintenance. However, not taking maintaining your roof can actually make the lifespan of the roof decrease…Read More

  8. Heat Radiant Barrier Decking by Texas Star Roofing

      Texas Star Roofing is a proponent of energy efficient roofing products, and highly recommends the use of Radiant barrier decking when possible. Why? Radiant barrier roof sheathing is the most efficient, cost-effective form of reflective insulation available.  Attic radiant heat barrier plywo…Read More

  9. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - work crew

    Felt Removal by Texas Star Roofers

    Felt Removal - Should the old felt underlayment be removed (black felt removal) when the new roof is installed or not? That’s a question I get quite a bit, and the answer is, "No." The old felt can’t be relied upon to shed water since it has nail holes and tears in it from the shingle removal, s…Read More