1. Heat Radiant Barrier Decking by Texas Star Roofing

      Texas Star Roofing is a proponent of energy efficient roofing products, and highly recommends the use of Radiant barrier decking when possible. Why? Radiant barrier roof sheathing is the most efficient, cost-effective form of reflective insulation available.  Attic radiant heat barrier plywo…Read More

  2. Texas Star Roofing Repairs - work crew

    Felt Removal by Texas Star Roofers

    Felt Removal - Should the old felt underlayment be removed (black felt removal) when the new roof is installed or not? That’s a question I get quite a bit, and the answer is, "No." The old felt can’t be relied upon to shed water since it has nail holes and tears in it from the shingle removal, s…Read More