1. The Most Famous Roofs

    If there’s one thing we all don’t like, it’s to be bored. When you’re bored, you’re likely to either find something productive to do or get into trouble. Hopefully, you choose the former. Humans are also known to be extremely creative, finding solutions to problems to make their lives easi…Read More

  2. Buttresses in Roofing

    Most of us have heard of flying buttresses. After all, with such a colorful name, it’s hard to forget it. But do you know what a buttress is and its role in roofing? Texas Star Roofing, the best local roofer in the Plano/Dallas area, offers commercial and residential roofing services, including ro…Read More

  3. Belfries in Roofing

    Ancient buildings fascinate most of us, especially when we reflect on how the buildings were made with primitive tools. It speaks to the ingenuity of humans, their determination to overcome adversity, and their perseverance to see a building project to the end, even it if takes decades to complete. …Read More

  4. Bays in Roofing

    Over the years, we’ve seen many trends come and go in roofing. This is in part due to style changes, but mainly this is due to innovations in roofing. From solar roofing to blue roofs, the face of roofing (pun intended) has changed considerably, even since Texas Star Roofing began operating in Dal…Read More

  5. How Skylights Affect Roofing

    The stars are a wondrous creation that most of us can only marvel at. They shine every night, inspiring humans to name shapes and patterns that they see regularly with such luminescent names such as Orion, Cassiopeia, Gemini, and Canis Major. These patterns in stars, known as constellations, have ev…Read More

  6. How the Little Details of Roofing Add Up

    Most people only think about the aesthetics of their roof when choosing a new roof, such as the roofing material, the color, and perhaps the style, such as adobe. Few people (roofers excluded) think about all the supporting components of their roof, such as fastenings, ventilation, insulation, drain…Read More