complete-roofing-systems1-418x225At Texas Star Roofing, we don’t just install a roof, we install complete roofing systems. There are many components to a roofing system, and much of the texas roofing system is covered by the top layer, the shingles.

The first part of complete roofing systems is the valley underlayment. We use a modified bitumen or ice & watershield in our valleys. This product is more like rubber and tends to seal tighter around nail holes than some of the cheaper asphalt product on the market. Much like if you pushed a nail through an inner tube.

The next component is the roof underlayment. This is laid over the roof deck and on top of the valley underlayment. Fifteen pound felt is the standard underlayment. On lower sloped, or roofs with a slight pitch, we use 30 # felt because the water doesn’t shed from the roof as quickly and we don’t want the 15# felt to become saturated. On some of the higher-end products, we use a synthetic underlayment, or in the case of standing seam metal we use a heat resistant underlayment.

The next step is the starter course, used to eliminate seams between the shingles on the first row of the roof. Different texas roofing have different flashing requirements that come into play at different stages of the roof construction. The top layer is the shingle itself, followed by the ridge cap that covers the seams where two slopes join together.

When you deal with Texas Star Roofing, you know you’re getting complete roofing systems, not just a top layer of shingles. Anything less will result in a premature failure of the roof and water in your house.