About Our Roof Types: Composite Roofing

Composite2If a complete or partial roof replacement is required, homeowners should consider a composite roof which has several long-term benefits. After all, owning a home and keeping the exterior aesthetically pleasing, only requires a little due diligence and elbow grease. Hard work and reading a home improvement article or two, will go a long way towards making your residence (and roof!) the envy of all your neighbors. However, the upkeep of your home’s roof can be very tricky, which is why homeowners should strongly consider hiring a professional contractor for roof repairs or roof replacement.

Why A Composite Roof May Be The Right Option For Your Home

A composite roof is a shingle made from multiple synthetic materials that are compressed and merged together to comprise a single unit. The composite roof unit can be made from any combination of fiberglass, plastics or recycled materials that are bonded together by resin or laminate. The largest benefit of a composite roof is its durability.

Most manufacturers will provide a 30 to 50 year warranty on a new composite roof installation, with an increasing number of manufacturers even supplying a lifetime warranty. In addition to possessing a longer warranty, the synthetic option is a more economical alternative to traditional clay or slate installations. Another advantage to a composite roof system over a traditional installation is the fact that it does not warp, peel or blister, and will not fade due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

This particular style of synthetic roofing is also a good option in regions that experience severe storms. Composite roofs are rated to withstand wind gusts of 80 to 100 m.p.h., a feature that makes it the roofing material of choice in locales that experience high winds or hurricanes or as we do here in Dallas roofing, hail storms.

Technological advancements in composite roofing production have led to the finished product being almost indistinguishable from traditional roof materials such as wood, clay or slate. Composite roofs have also risen in popularity, as homeowners have become more aware of and seek the best environmental practices. Most composite roofs are 100 percent recyclable if discarded and are predominantly composed of recyclable materials.

Composite roofing provides some of the most genuine looking synthetic alternative for real slate or wood available on the market today. For the most part, composites are polymeric blends created to look exactly like a piece of slate or a wood shingle or shake.

Texas Star Roofing takes a great deal of pride in installing these high-end composite roofing roof types, and we have the expertise to do an excellent job for you. It takes a special crew with years of experience to install these jobs— and we have them!

If you have questions or concerns about your current roof, do not hesitate to contact us for a roof inspection. Inquire whether a composite roof is the best option for your home and ask for an estimate to determine just how much time and money you can save today.

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