Concrete Tile

tile roofTexas Star Roofing are experts in your concrete tile roofing needs. We have helped customers especially roofing in plano remove all types of tile roof and replace the underlayment. We’ve replaced hail-damaged roofs made of tile, and have installed tile roofs on new construction homes.

Concrete tile makes an excellent choice for homeowners who would like the durability of traditional clay, wood shake, or slate roofing without the higher cost. Concrete tile has been used since the 19th century. Developed in Bavaria, concrete tiles are a combination of cement, sand and water, and considered a reliable and economic roofing choice. The tiles themselves are highly durable. With the advancement of adding color pigment, either superficially or throughout the entire tile, concrete mimics the look of traditional clay or slate wonderfully.

Durability: How Long Does A Concrete Tile Roof Last?

Concrete tiles will often last as long as the homes they are installed on. Many manufactures offer lifetime warranties and even transferable warranties on their tiles. An advantage tiles made of concrete have is that the they’re are highly resistant to rain, hail, wind and even seismic activity. Class A fire ratings are standard.

The durability of your roof depends on its installation. Licensed professionals with positive feedback should perform your roofing installation. When professionally installed and properly maintained, concrete tile roofs last 100 years or more.

Concrete Tile Roof Cost and Upkeep

As the price of petroleum-based composite shingles grows, tile roofing becomes increasingly more economical. Price varies depending on whether you choose a custom color, plain tile, or varied color combinations. The range of prices for concrete roofing is small, so we suggest choosing the highest quality tiles available.

Lifetime upkeep is minimal. Inspections following severe weather, and occasional power washing to remove moss and algae, are generally the extent of care needed. It is worth noting that moss and algae do not harm tiles directly. However, debris in your roof’s valleys and unsightly growth can be controlled with maintenance. Direct concrete tile roofs cost from four to five dollars per square foot, which is nominal, considering the finished product will last a lifetime.

Whatever your tile roofing needs, including roof repairs, replacement & new installation, Texas Star Roofing has qualified Dallas roofing contractors experienced in concrete tile and clay tile, and flat, Mediterranean, or barrel tile. Our company services the entire Dallas metro area and roofing in plano, so request your free tile roofing inspection today, and trust us to solve your tile roofing problems tomorrow.

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