Copper Roofing


Copper roofing is one of the most durable and beautiful roofing options available. When properly installed, a copper roof can literally last a lifetime. It has been used in the western world for centuries, and is one of the few roofing choices that can haas a direct and significant effect on the value of your property.

Copper Roofing Benefits

A copper roof requires little to no maintenance, and is known to far outlast the structures it is installed on. It will never rust or corrode. By virtue of utilizing copper in its natural state, there is no need for painting, refinishing or the like. Over the life of your home or business, a copper roof will yield a significant savings, despite its higher initial cost.

While most roofing choices become weathered and damaged over time, copper actually becomes more beautiful and maintains its strength. A copper roof transforms into an array of sumptuous tones that reflect its ‘story’ of existence. Wonderful shimmering shades of tinged gold transform into an earthy brown, and then a deep mossy green arises, until the color takes over and lightens into sea foam green within the first 30 years. Truly breathtaking.

A Copper Roof Is A Practical Choice

Copper roofing benefits extend past cost-savings and beauty. It is also a practical roofing choice. The ability for copper to withstand severe weather provides extra protection for your structure.

Copper is not flammable. It also easily withstands high winds. Standing seam copper roofing adds additional protection by way of additional water resistance. Copper is also lightweight, so it causes less stress on building structures, and is less likely to collapse under heavy snow. Best of all, quality aged copper is generally valued at 95% of the value of fresh ore.

Other Copper Roofing Considerations

Perhaps the biggest consideration to most homeowners is the cost of choosing a copper roof. Know that copper roofing costs can vary but are still considerably more than asphalt roofing. However, with a copper roof, what you initially pay is often the last money invested.

Texas Star Roofing serves homeowners all over the Dallas area and can help you with your copper roofing needs. We can install standing seam over the entire roof, or if it’s a dormer roof or a roof over your bay window, we can make your copper roofing project look like a new penny.

In addition, our contractors do copper gutters. We can run OG or hang half round with round downspouts. We’ve done some beautiful copper gutter jobs that we’re really proud of, and we can make you proud too— just ask to see some pictures!

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