Dallas Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

The residential structures in Dallas have to withstand some serious punishment all year long, with nothing taking more direct abuse than their roofs. Roof replacement is a fact of life for Dallas residents and those in surrounding areas, as the effects of exposure to sunlight and heat, rain, wind and hail combine throughout the year to destroy roofs and their supporting framework. This is not only an aesthetic roofing issue — as a leaking or degraded roof is a hazard by itself — but it also provides a means for the elements to get in and attack other parts of the structure as well. Damaged and aged roofs are also not as energy-efficient as modern materials, which often reduce energy needs immediately, allowing a replacement to pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

Not all Dallas roofing contractors are equally qualified, and it takes a great deal of experience, not just the best materials, to become the number one Dallas roofing specialist. Texas Star Roofing, has the know-how and the hands-on experience to recommend and install the best type of roofing for any residential structure. Regardless of the type of roofing materials or the layout of the structure, Texas Star Roofing can repair or replace it with guaranteed work and a lasting, protective roof that not only looks great, but adds value to the property as well.

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Why is Texas Star Roofing the top name in Dallas residential roofing? We send trained inspectors to your home to thoroughly view the structure and its roof, in order to accurately assess what the current state of the roof is and what replacement or repair options are available. Getting started with a free, no-obligation quote is as easy as filling out the request form on this page.

Texas Star Roofing provides repair and replacement options for any type of roofing material— from metals and rubbers to corrugated fiberglass, plastics and composite materials. This not only provides a wide variety of options from which to choose, but also allows us to meet any roofing repair or replacement needs that will eventually arise from the often brutal Texas climate.

The most typical material for a residential roof are asphalt shingles. Other materials that can be used include wood shakes, tiles, or slate. The decision for a residential roof material is often based on aesthetics as much as it is on durability.

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