Case Study: New Patio Covers for Outdoor Living Spaces

As you already know, Texas Star Roofing is one of the leading texas roofing companies in Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco and surrounding areas.

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But what you may not know, is that our company also offers new roof construction for outdoor living spaces – like patios with fireplaces and kitchens.

Below is a case study, with before-and-after pictures (video too!), of a residential gable cover we recently designed for one of our client’s homes.

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An area homeowner called the professional roofers at Texas Star to have a roof constructed over top of their patio area.

The Problem:

The homeowner loves being outside on the patio – to sit, relax, use the grill and host get-togethers.

But there was no cover from the elements, like when it rains or is too hot from the sun, and the homeowner wanted a real roof that matched the one on the rest of the home.

Below are some pictures of what the patio area looked like before we arrived:


patio no roof two

patio no roof three

The Solution:

After discussing what the homeowner had in mind, we decided to construct a gable roof adjoining to the home. The main focus was to make what we built over the patio consistent with the home’s existing roof.

Experienced with building new roofs over outdoor living spaces, our team started with a support beam that we sanded and stained prior to installation.

We then attached custom brackets to the patio slab, to which we secured our beautiful beam. Then we went to work on the rafters – which we also sanded and stained prior to installation.

We determined where and how much of the roofing eave needed to be removed, so that we could secure our rafters.

After completing all the rafter framing and securing, it was time to install our top, and begin placing roofing felt prior to adding our roofing.

Check out the finished roof below:

patio cover one

patio cover two

patio cover three

The Outcome:

Perhaps most exciting about this patio cover are the gorgeous gable studs and the design made with our expert craftsmanship.

Moreover, the patio can now provide living space (notice the TV within in the video below), shade and protection from rain, as well as optimal runoff/drainage for water during rainy seasons or during winter when the snow melts.

The homeowners are more than pleased with the result. They love their new patio cover – and we couldn’t be more proud ourselves!