Green Roof Systems

Green RoofingGreen Roof Systems are becoming more and more popular, in an attempt to reduce the heat associated with roofing that translates to higher utility bills for the homeowner, and Texas Star Roofing is on the cutting edge of this technology and eager to explain the options available to accomplish that goal.

We install energy star rated products ranging from the CertainTeed Solaris offerings and Owens Corning’s Shasta White and Premium Cool colors, to the Energy Star Rated Gerard Stone Coated Steel or Standing Seam metal roofs. Each of these are referred to as green roofing systems.

Texas Star Roofing is also a proponent of radiant barrier decking when replacing a wood shingle roof that requires the installation of plywood decking when the roof is replaced, or the addition of a Polarium thermal barrier under the shingles over an existing deck. We can show you how the investment in Green Roof systems can pay dividends for as long as you own your home.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Roofing with green materials is becoming more and more common place in the roofing industry. It is common knowledge that manufacturing roofing materials in itself can be harmful to the environment.

Like most people we like to do our part to help reduce harm to the environment. The easiest way that we can accomplish this task is to simply use recycled materials on our jobs. There are also numerous other green features that can be added to your roof, such as solar attic fans. Green materials are available on any job subject to availability. Call today for more details on getting the benefits of green roof systems. You can also visit the news section on our home page under green roofing and living.

Why the Sudden (& Growing) Interest in “Cool Roofs”? Well, it’s not that sudden…civilizations, including ancient Greece, have been using cool roofs for centuries. “White” roofs have an advantage. During the summer their surface temperature can be 40 to 50 degrees COOLER than similar black roofs. That is because cool “white” roofs can reflect 25 – 80% of the near-infrared solar radiation that hits them versus 5% for typical black roofs. Obviously, cool white roofs in hot climates are a good thing. Cooler roofs conduct less heat into the interior of the building.

In combination with insulation and ventilation, cool roofs can reduce the need for air conditioning (a huge and costly power draw in the summer). Beyond saving money, a cool roof can also reduce the outside ambient air temperature. It does so by literally re-radiating the sun’s heat-containing rays right back into space! Cooler ambient air reduces the creation of air pollution and, in urban areas, helps to reduce the so-called “Urban Heat Island Effect”.

Which CertainTeed products are considered “Cool”?

Steep Slope: ″ Landmark Solaris shingles – All have initial SR values of 0.26 or greater. ″ Light-colored Landmark™ and CT™20/XT 25 Shingles – Some have SR values of 0.25 or greater.″

Symphony Slate Shingles – Most have initial SR values of 0.25 or greater. Low Slope: ″ Flintlastic¨ CoolStar Series of low-slope roofing cap sheets – All products have SR values ranging from 0.71 to 0.77. ″

FlintCoat W has an initial SR of 0.90. ″ Other “FlintCoat” products contain aluminum flakes and have initial SR values ranging from 0.54 to 0.70.

Texas Star Roofing recycles torn off shingles in order to lesson the burden on our landfills and utilize re-usable materials for road repairs.
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