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As you search for a roofing contractor, keep in mind that roofing companies can “pop up” overnight. Storm chasers, new roofers, and hobbyists may seem like they know what they’re doing (and some of them do), but it’s best to trust a company that’s been around for years with an abundance of customer reviews and references.

Before you move forward with any roofing company, make sure and ask these questions:

How long have you been in business?

Like any business, you want to know if the roofing company has been around for a while. If a bagel shop opened in your neighborhood, you would be hesitant to give it a try at first. You would lean on your friends who have tried it first — and their opinion matters because you trust them. A roofing company that has been around for years has a history of customers and projects you can review to see if they will fit your project. For most, simply asking how long a company has been in business gets you this information.

Do you have a local office?

This question is super important! Some legitimate roofing companies do not have a customer-facing office, which is not a bad sign. However, you do want to disqualify roofing companies that have not been in business for a while or that are not invested in the community. A local office is a sign that the company is here to stay. Some companies that don’t have offices do have warehouses in the area instead. Either way, you want to know that the company you’re choosing is invested locally.

How are you insured?

Insurance for a roofing company can vary. While most roofers go for the standard liability coverage, it’s important to know that the company you choose has insurance, and that it’s enough to cover them. You should ask your roofing contractor for their policy number and/or a copy of their policy to get learn what they cover and what they do not cover.

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