Guidelines to Help With Roof Installation Process

You will be making a wise decision when you choose Texas Star Roofing, Inc. to be your roofing contractor. We will make sure that your new roof is installed with efficiency and professionalism and as little inconvenience as possible. These tips will help you to make the process run more smoothly by taking care of small details that will assist the Texas Star Roofing technicians in completing the project without unnecessary delays.

1.    Please keep gates to your yard unlocked to facilitate the cleanup process.
2.    Please keep sprinkler systems and alarm systems turned off while the work is in progress.
3.    The roofing process can cause your walls to vibrate, so protect valuable or fragile items in your home that could be damaged by falling from shelves or walls.
4.    Keep your pets inside or take them to another location during the construction, and relock the gates when you bring them back into your yard.
5.    If wood shingles will be removed before installation of the new roof, dirt and debris will drop into your attic, so you should cover stored items or move them to another room. We will use a leaf blower to dust off the remaining items and heating units, and we will pick up large pieces of debris.
6.    Check the area next to your house, and move items like tools, outdoor furniture, potted plants and barbeque grills to protect them from falling roofing materials.
7.    It will be necessary for us to remove TV antennas and satellite dishes that are less than 20 feet high and located on your roof. We will reinstall them after completion of the job, but we will not be responsible for reception.
8.    Before construction begins on a wood shingle tear off, please check your attic for wiring that does not comply with the code. This could be electrical wiring or wiring for computers, cable TV, security systems or telephones. If the wiring does not conform to code, we will not be responsible for any damage that could occur.
9.    During construction, please keep vehicles off of your driveway and out of your garage to give us access for loading roofing material, removing debris and cleaning up.
10.    Please keep small children away from the work area to protect them from harm.
11.    We will use a magnetic roller to pick up nails that fall, and we attempt to remove all of them, but it is possible for us to miss some of them.
12.    When sheetrock is nailed to the underneath side of the rafters, as in most vaulted ceilings, the texture may fall off of the nail heads because of the vibration created in the roofing process. If this happens, we will paint over any nail heads that are exposed if you supply the paint.
13.    Please move items located under skylights or cover them. We remove the skylight frame from the curb to re-flash it correctly, and sheetrock dust or dried paint could drop inside when we do this.
14.    We base our materials on a completed job and always order a sufficient supply to prevent running short during the installation process. If there are left over materials, they are Texas Star Roofing, Inc. property, and we will remove them when the job is finished.

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