Whether you’re looking to work, dine, shop, or just live your life, Keller is an excellent suburban destination near the heart of Dallas. No wonder so many downtown Dallas and Fort Worth residents are beginning to move here! With lots of people moving into town, housing prices are sure to climb.

If you own a home in Keller, it’s important to protect your investment by protecting your roof. A roof replacement, repairs, and routine maintenance will enhance your home’s overall value while shielding your home from the elements.

Texas Star Roofing has helped Keller residents with roof replacements and roof repairs for over 20 years. Learn more about our roofing services below, and get a free estimate today.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Keller has some scorching summer temps, heavy spring rains, golf-ball-sized hail storms, and nearly unbearable bouts of humidity. While none of these weather patterns are ideal for people living in the area, they aren’t that great for their roofs, either. Extreme weather can cause premature roof aging that increases the likelihood of broken shingles and flashing, roof leaks, mold intrusion, and bevy of other roofing problems. If these problems are left ignored, you could be at risk for expensive home damage and even irreversible structural damage.

Texas Star Roofing is happy to fix up your roof before things get serious. We check all components of your roof and make thorough repairs that protect your home from future storms and increase its lifespan.


Roof Replacement

You might be turned off by the initial cost of a roof replacement. However, it will ultimately be worth the cost. Those who get new roofs often see sizeable decreases in their monthly energy bills, better curb appeal, improved resale value, and fewer (if any) roof leaks. Texas Star Roofing uses the best roofing shingles and uses highly trained roofing professionals to get the job done right. With Texas Star, you’ll have a roof that looks great and lasts for a very long time.


Commercial Roofing

Commercial developments are popping up all across the Keller area — and that means more businesses than ever will need assistance with their roofs. Texas Star Roofing is a local leader in commercial roofing services, helping businesses with repairs, replacements, and routine maintenance. We’re your trusted business partner.


Our Warranty

With a growing Keller population comes an increase in roofing companies looking to take care of your roofing needs. But not all roofers are created equal. Fly-by-night roofers are looking to make a profit fast — and they’ll use the cheapest materials, haphazard installation practices, and flimsy warranties to do it. The second you have a problem with your new roof, they’ve already left town.

Hometown roofers are a much better option. While these roofers are a bit more expensive, they use better materials, manufacturer-approved installation practices, and solid warranties to get the job done right. Texas Star Roofing offers a one-year labor repair warranty on roof repairs and a two-year warranty on roof replacements, and we’ve been in the Dallas area for over two decades. When something goes wrong with your roof, you can give us a call or come on by our office and we’ll take care of it. That’s our promise to you.

Choose The Top Roofing Contractor in Keller

Texas Star Roofing has served Keller and the greater Dallas area for over 20 years — and if we have anything to say about it, we’ll do it for 20 more. We’re a proven leader in roof repair, roof replacement, inspections, and insurance claims — so no matter what you need, we have you covered. Get a free estimate from Texas Star Roofing today.