Laminate Shingles

laminate shinglesSometimes sold commercially as “architectural shingles,” laminate shingles are a type of roof shingle that is considered generally stronger and more durable than traditional shingles. It is also popular aesthetically because architectural asphalt shingles have an appearance similar to that of slate or wood, but come at a lower cost than either of those materials.

Unlike the common three-tab strip shingle, laminated shingles are actually two shingles attached for greater durability and strength. The shingle is formed by attaching asphalt to the paper matting and whatever granules are required to create the desired color and look. Fiberglass is sometimes used for further reinforcement.

The durability of laminate shingles includes resilience under harsh weather conditions or when objects such as branches strike the roof. From a distance, it is hard to tell the difference between architectural shingles and more expensive wood or slate roofs. The extra thickness of laminated shingles and their rounded tabs create shadow lines that resemble more expensive materials.

There are also triple laminated shingles that have all the virtues of traditional shingles, only more so. Because architectural asphalt shingles are heavier than strip shingles, it is important to remove the old shingles before applying the new shingles. That way you can be certain the roof will support them. Because of their greater thickness, longer roofing nails should be used when attaching laminate shingles to your roof as well.

The professionals at Texas Star Roofing know how to install laminate shingles properly. There is a nail zone where the two pieces overlap, and that’s where the nail goes. Otherwise, over time, the asphalt will release and the shingle comes apart. The many advantages of using laminated shingles are lost if they are not applied to the roof properly during installation. That is why having these shingles placed on your roof by trained professionals is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your new roof in terms of both durability and appearance.

Texas Star Roofing project managers inspect all jobs just to make sure it’s done right. Trust us to install your new roof the correct way.
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