Metal Roof Installation

metal roofing A standard asphalt shingle roof will typically last for approximately 20 years, but exposure to excessive heat, cold, hail, high winds, heavy rain or snow can all shorten a roof’s life. That’s one of the many reasons why metal roofing is becoming more popular each year. If you’re looking for longevity in a roof, a metal roof’s useful life averages 30 to 50 years, and it is very resistant to weather-related damage. Some metal roofs are so durable that they can actually reduce your homeowner’s insurance.

Metal roofs can also be environmentally responsible, with many of the metal roofing components coming from recycled materials. When your roof eventually needs to be replaced, it can be completely recycled. Since many metal roofs have a high reflectivity, they can be very energy-efficient as well, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Your metal roof will increase the curb appeal of your home or office and may even qualify you for a tax credit. Putting a metal roof on your home doesn’t necessarily require a complete replacement either. In some cases, a metal roof can often be applied over your existing roof, saving you money on the installation.

Nationwide averages show that although an asphalt shingle, tile, or shake roof may initially be less expensive to install, a metal roof is much more cost-effective over its life, since it won’t need repairs, won’t deteriorate from extreme weather conditions, is non-combustible, and, if properly treated, will not rust or corrode.

Depending on the quality of materials used, metal roof prices are higher than most typical forms of shingled roofing, but, again, with the durability and energy-efficiency, many homeowners see better value with a metal roof. Effective, attractive, durable; that’s metal roofing.

Metal roof installation is more popular than ever, so if a metal roof is in your future, you’ve come to the right place. Texas Star Roofing’s metal roof installation includes expertise in standing seam, stone-coated steel, or interlocking panels. Ours crews are trained and certified to do the job right.

Whether it’s a 500-square-foot office building or a bay window, when it comes to metal roof installation, Texas Star has done it all and everything in between.

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