Mission & Vision

Texas Star Roofing’s mission is to be the best residential roofing contractor in Northeast Texas. We will be recognized as a truly local entity in the storm restoration business in our community ,in it for the long haul since in 1997, and dedicated to standing behind our work and honoring our warranty long after the storm chasers have moved on to greener pastures. We fulfill that mission by:

  • Installing the same quality and value into every job, no matter how large or small, knowing we stand behind our work with a written labor and materials warranty.
  • Using only the highest quality materials even though we could improve our bottom line with less expensive components.
  • Employing only experienced, qualified, and dedicated crews that take pride in their work.
  • Judging our success by the satisfaction of our clients when the job is done.

By staying true to this mission, we will realize our vision of being the contractor of choice for our clients and their referrals when roofing need arise in the future.

Values To Be Passed On

The most important value that guides us on our mission is to treat our customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and yes, even competitors, and especially our community as we would like to be treated. We like to feel as though we are being given the highest quality for the best value when we enter into a relationship with others and we strive to do the same in return. We understand that things do go wrong and when they do, we expect to be treated fairly. That is exactly how we solve our own problems with no regard to what costs are involved because we know if we treat others fairly, they will become clients and not just customers. We realize that when we do what’s right we may never hear a word of praise, but if we don’t do the right thing, that story will spread throughout our community and our name stands behind everything we do.