Other Roofing Related Services

skylight and other related servicesMost of our customers think of us when they are in need of a new roof, a roof repair, a professional roof inspection, or assistance with an insurance claim. Even though roofing is our main focus, Texas Star Roofing’s expertise is not limited to roofing alone. We have experience in many services you might be in need of that relate to roofing as well.

Attic Ventilation

For example, we have a thorough understanding of attic ventilation and the role it plays in making your home more comfortable and keeping utility bills down. Along those same lines, we install insulation and radiant barriers, and can retro-fit radiant barrier decking when your new roof goes on.

Our roofing company keeps customers well informed about the different systems available, and can advise you on which one is right for your home. If you are doing major home repairs, you can save yourself time and money by consulting with Texas Star as your single contractor.


Texas Star knows that many homes have chimneys. Whether yours is functional, or simply ornamental, the mortar work can deteriorate over time, and repairs may be necessary. When consulting with our roof specialists, ask about a free, no-obligation inspection of your roof system and chimney.

In addition to chimney repair and replacement, we have crews experienced in fiber-cement siding installation, to upgrade and better protect your entire house for years to come.


Our company also specializes in skylights, which are a nice addition to any home. Skylights allow natural light to filter in, and brighten and warm any room. Older skylights may need repair, however, as the wood framing around them can be adversely affected by exposure over time. Hail or falling branches can also crack and break the glass.

Texas Star has expertise in this area as well, and can repair or replace damaged or aging skylights— the difference with Texas Star Roofing’s skylights is that they are custom-made to fit! Not one size fits all (most roofing companies buy from their material supply houses or the big box stores). We go directly to the source.


Good roofs need good gutters. Gutters allow for proper drainage and are an essential part of your roofing system.

Texas Star provides gutter installation services. No need to deal with more than one contractor, right? We can have the gutters done in conjunction with your roof replacement, so you avoid the hassle of tracking down another reliable company to deal with.

Our company also stays current with the latest innovations pertaining to Green Roofing and Cool Roofing. We recycle our roofing debris to keep it out of the landfill.

Can your roof be repaired, or is replacement needed? How much will that all cost? Schedule your free roofing inspection in the DFW area. Take a moment to complete the form & we’ll call you!