Plastic Roofing For Your Patio

plastic roofing panelsPlastic roofing tiles are quickly making their mark as the world’s premium faux roofing. Property owners who want a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing roof find that plastic shingles hit the mark. They are created from recycled materials and are virtually indestructible.

Plastic is often far more lightweight than its natural counterparts. Tiles can be up to four times lighter than the materials they mimic. The reduced weight means less supports are needed in new construction. Conventional roof decks hold the weight of plastic tile and shingles wonderfully. For homes that cannot bear the weight of materials such as slate, plastic roofing offers an excellent alternative.

Plastic tiles are mold and algae-resistant. They are also UV-resistant, often flame-retardant, and warranties of 50 years or more are standard. Some plastic tiles are non-conductive and offer energy savings as well as added safety.

Plastic Roofing Panels

Plastic roofing panels are excellent choices for sheds, patios and other small jobs. In the industrial realm, they can be used for warehouses and the like. While they do not have all the benefits of plastic tile, they are versatile, quick to install, varied in color, and an overall stylish choice. Plastic panels and recycled roofing are good selections for property owners wishing to pick recyclable materials.

Whether you are considering plastic tile, plastic roof panels, or both, the most important step to a successful roofing job is to pick a reputable dallas roofing contractor. Proper installation has a notable effect on how long your roof will last or how durable it will be. Improper installation can void warranties and leave you with a roof that is substandard in adverse weather. Our team of professionals at Texas Star Roofing is able to assist you in every aspect of choosing and installing new or replacement roofing. We invite you to view our Dallas service area and then contact our office today by completing the form on this page for a free roofing inspection.

If the plastic roofing on your patio is leaking, look no further than Texas Star Roofing. We’ve replaced hundreds of plastic roofs due to hail damage and those that have worn down over the years. We understand that light is important, and, in many cases, opaque or even clear plastic is the perfect solution to your back yard environment.

Let us show you how to restore that patio oasis to a dry and comfortable spot where you can enjoy your time outside, even when it’s raining.
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