Claim Guidelines and Steps to Take

Here are some tips and guidelines we recommend if you feel you have a damaged roof or know you do and are in need of repair.  Here you will also find a list of “housekeeping” items to follow while your new roof is being installed.  If you have any questions or a specific need please contact us today.

Completing the Process

We work with all insurance companies 

If you have already received proceeds from a claim, Texas Star Roofing can explain the adjuster’s report, which can sometimes be very confusing. Some carriers hold back a portion of the proceeds, referred to as depreciation. Most policies are full replacement cost coverage, and this money is paid upon completion of the work. Check with your agent. Some people assume that the first check they receive is all that is being paid on the claim and it won’t be enough to complete the work. This is not the case, and we can explain just how the process works, as well as ensure that you receive a fair settlement sufficient to restore your property to the condition it was in prior to the damage.

Once the claims process is complete, you can rest assured your roof will be installed by a trained, professional crew. We employ only in-house crews and never hire transient crews, referred to in the industry as “storm chasers,” to handle the increase in work generated by a large storm. We never ask to be paid until the job is completed to your satisfaction. Texas Star Roofing is strong financially, and we have excellent relationships with multiple suppliers in the Metroplex. Never do business with a company that asks for money up front!

Important First Step

Your insurance company employs a professional claims adjuster to represent their best interests. You are entitled to have a professional contractor making sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to. The first step is to schedule a free examination of your roof. Give us a call or email us, and we will come by and look at your roof and inform you of any damage found. We not only identify the damage; we also represent you (again at no cost) when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect your roof.

In The Path of a Storm?

If your property was in the path of a recent storm, you should immediately contact a qualified, professional roofing contractor and arrange for a roof inspection. Whether you choose to deal with Texas Star Roofing, Inc. or not, we highly recommend that you have your roof inspected prior to calling in a claim.

Roof Checkup

Roof Checkup Guide for Homeowners – A checkup on your roof system in the fall and spring will help diagnose potential problems early. NRCA recommends you hire a professional roofing contractor to assist you with checking your roof. However, NRCA realizes many homeowners prefer to perform an initial inspection themselves. If you prefer to go that route, following are some important tips to get you started. When cleaning your gutters or inspecting your roof system, remember important ladder safety tips:

  1. Make sure the ladder is on solid, level ground.
  2. Secure the ladder at the top to prevent it from slipping.
  3. Inspect the ladder, rungs and rails for damage.
  4. Extend the ladder at least 3 feet beyond the gutter, and angle it 1 foot back from the house for every 4 feet in eave height.
  5. Always use both hands when climbing the ladder. Once on the ladder, you should look for:
  6. Shingles that are buckling, curling or blistering; this indicates the end of the shingles’ life expectancy.
  7. Loose material or wear around chimneys, pipes and other penetrations.
  8. Excessive amounts of shingle granules in your gutters; granules give shingles added weight and protect them from ultraviolet rays. Before you hire a roofing contractor, do your homework:
  9. Check for a contractor’s permanent place of business, telephone number and tax identification number.
  10. Check references from prior customers.
  11. Ask the contractor about material and workmanship warranties.

Texas Star Roofing will be more than happy to help diagnose your problem. If you want to find out whether you need roof repairs, and what those repairs would cost, take advantage of our free roofing inspections in the DFW area! To request a free inspection, complete the form of this page.