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Roofing shingles are a familiar sight in both residential and commercial areas, but not all shingles are the same. Different types of roofs vary in quality, appearance, and expense. Outside of the aesthetic differences, such as flat shingles and architectural shingles, there are also differences in how and of what shingles are made. Traditionally, asphalt roofing shingles are made of an organic asphalt mat on the underside with a mineral-embedded outer asphalt layer that is exposed to the elements.

Fiberglass roofing shingles have the same basic construction; however, the asphalt mat is laden with glass fibers, which speaks to rigidity and strength. This added strength and stiffness makes fiberglass the preferred type of shingles in warm, weathered climates such as those in Texas. If you’re interested in installing, repairing, or replacing fiberglass shingles in Plano, our contractors at Texas Star Roofing can help. We have over 22 years of experience and offer written warranties on all of our labor and materials.

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Why Choose Fiberglass Shingles?

Fiberglass shingles have many benefits that make them a great option for home and business owners who want long-lasting roofs without breaking the bank.

Our roofing specialists recommend fiberglass shingles because:

  • They can withstand extreme weather conditions: Fiberglass shingles are preferred in warmer locations since they do not flex or bend as much as traditional shingles. This prevents them from succumbing to dry, southern winds, a trait common in other asphalt roofing brands. Fiberglass shingles also last longer because the bonding effect of the fibers helps prevent separation as the asphalt dries out over time. These are essential features for roofing systems in the Plano area, as brutal winds and extreme storms are common throughout the year.
  • They are affordable: Fiberglass shingles are comparable in price to traditional asphalt shingles, and they’re lasting too. This type of roofing commonly reduces the amount of replacements needed over time by half, when compared to asphalt in warmer locations with rough weather. Fiberglass shingles are also installed the same way as traditional shingles, which lets those with the know-how to upgrade on their own do it themselves, while still allowing contractors to install and maintain as they have in the past, avoiding any added costs.

Texas Star Roofing is the leading fiberglass-shingle service provider in the Plano area. Our company has not only the knowledge and qualifications to repair or replace your existing roofing system but also the experience to know which one is needed. Browse through the roofing services we offer to see how we can improve the integrity and value of your home or business.

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