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Boy, do we love living and working in Murphy. With all the down-home Texas charm, access to bodies of water, and nearby amenities of Dallas, Murphy is the near-perfect combination of city and country living.

It’s a lucrative place to live, too — home prices have spiked by nearly 7 percent in the past year, and they’re expected to climb another 5.4 percent over the next year.

If you own a home in Murphy, you’ve made a great investment — but you also need to protect that investment by having a solid and sturdy roof. That’s where Texas Star Roofing comes in. Here at Texas Star, our roofing contractors in Murphy provide homeowners and businesses with the very best roofing services the area has to offer.

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Roof Repair

The weather is Murphy is, well, unpredictable to say the least. We get the whole gamut of weather, from rain to snow to hail to wind to unfathomable heat. All of these changes in weather can be confusing — but they can also be harmful to your roof. Roof damage can cause water leaks, lower your energy efficiency, topen up areas for critter to get in, and turn your roof into a real eyesore that all of your friends and neighbors will talk about.

That’s where the roofers at Texas Star Roofing come in. We’ll give your roof a thorough inspection to identify damage, present you with advice on whether to repair or replace, and make effective and long-lasting repairs that will save you money and grief in the long run.

Roof Replacement

Some roofs are just too old to need repairs — they need a full-on roof replacement instead. If your roof is over 15 years old, looks beat up, or is in constant need of repair, it’s time to replace. Our roofing contractors use high-quality roofing materials, industry-leading roofing practices, and plenty of roofing experience so you can have a roof you’ll love for years to come.

Commercial Roofing

Business owners in Murphy have a lot to worry about — they don’t need to worry about their roofs. At Texas Star Roofing, we provide local business with commercial roofing services that keep their businesses humming, like commercial roof replacement, roof repair, and routine maintenance. We’re your trusted business partner in commercial roofing.

Our Warranty

Murphy has a lot of roofing contractors, but they’re not created equal. Some roofers, like “fly by night” roofers, will promise you a great roofing experience, bargain bin prices, and “the best” roofing materials possible. But when you the job is done, good luck hearing from them again. When you need repairs that are supposed to be under warranty, they’ll be nowhere to be found.

At Texas Star Roofing, we’ve been in the Dallas area for over 20 years, and we’ll be here for 20 more. Our two-year warranty on roof replacements gives you a strong roof and peace of mind. When something goes wrong with your roof, we’ll be around to fix it.


Texas Star Roofing is your premier option for residential roofing in Murphy — we work hard to make sure our friends have neighbors have roofs to be proud of.

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