Skylight Installation

skylight2Skylight has a hole in it from hail? Or has it just gotten old and cracked? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Texas Star Roofing installs custom-made skylights measured for a tight fit on your skylight opening.

When your house was built, the framer constructed the opening to be smaller than the skylight frame so it would be sure to fit. The “ready made” skylights mass-produced to be sold at the big box stores or roofing supply houses are all the same size, unlike all of the skylight openings. Sometimes the result is a larger than desired gap between the skylight frame and curb.  We measure the exact size the skylight should be and have it custom made to fit tight. This results in energy savings and the elimination of the noise wind makes whistling through an ill-fitting skylight.

The best part about it is that our skylights cost less because we deal directly with the manufacturer. What a concept, a better fitting skylight for less money…

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