dallas roofing contractor

Are you a homeowner in the Dallas area who wants to have your roof repaired or replaced?

If so, you need to know the questions you need to ask when searching for a roofing contractor.

According to The Dallas Morning News, almost 100 homeowners in the Arlington Fort Worth and Dallas area lost a combined $400,000 they paid for new roofs. The losses came after they paid a man posing as a roofing contractor, for hail damage insurance claims.

How do you find a Dallas roofing contractor you can trust? Read on to learn 5 questions you should ask a contractor before you make your decision.

1. Are You Insured?

As a homeowner, it’s important for you to protect you and your family from the threat of a lawsuit.

Your Dallas roofing contractor should have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. They should also be willing to provide you proof of each upon request.

Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect you from being personally liable for injuries to a contractor’s employees on while working on your property. Liability insurance covers damage caused by these workers during the repairs.

2. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Some roofing contractors use subcontractors instead of completing the work themselves.

You need to know if your contractor will be using subs or not. If they are, you need to be sure these individuals are insured. If a contractor is insured but uses subs, that won’t help you if an issue arises because of the subs.

You should be able to speak with the subcontractors to learn more about their background and whether or not they are sufficiently insured.

3. Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Work?

A good Dallas roofing contractor should stand behind their work and the products they use.

It’s important to learn about any warranty information before any contractor or subcontractor begins work on your property. If there is a warranty offered, you should ask for it in writing.

Once you review it closely, ask any questions you have about it, including how long it lasts and if there are any deductibles or other costs that come with taking advantage of it.

Your prospective contractor should be willing to sit down and patiently explain anything you want to know about how their warranty works.

4. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Find out how long your roofing contractor has been in business in your area.

A new roof is an expensive investment and you want to have peace of mind that you are choosing a company who is experienced and qualified. Take some time to learn more about a contractor and any employees (or subcontractors) they use to complete their work.

How long have those employees or subs been with the contractor? Have they worked on jobs together?

Look for a contractor that has a long track record of doing good work in your area.

5. Do You Have Any References?

Your roofing contractor should be able to give you professional references.

This shouldn’t be just a list of people who are friends with your contractor in the Dallas area. It should be a group of individuals or businesses that have had roofing work completed by this contractor in the recent past.

Ask your contractor if they have some pictures of work they completed as well. You might even be able to obtain the reference’s address. This gives you the opportunity to drive by that home or office to see the contractor’s work for yourself.

Find a Quality Dallas Roofing Contractor

When it comes to repairing or replacing a roof, you want to find a contractor with a strong reputation in your area.

At Texas Star Roofing, we are a family-owned and operated business that’s been in business since 1997. We are certified roofing contractors who take our work seriously and will provide the personalized attention you deserve.

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